Our Center

Peewee University is a licensed in home daycare center designed to cater to infants through school age. Like mentioned before we are home based but we express with great confidence that we are a learning center for children. When a child is dropped off and signed in parents can have the comfort of knowing their child is in a safe learning environment. We send updates and pictures throughout the day to keep parents updated on what is currently happening in the classroom. Also a parental daily report is given to update each family on nap times, diaper changes, meal time, toilet training and all activities accomplished each day. Our director who is also the caregiver has over 16yrs experience in early childhood development so circle time happens every day in our classroom. Along with learning in a group setting, each child has a chance to sit with the caregiver to do small group which is a one on one session to ensure each child is learning at a paste comfortable enough for them to excel. Here at Peewee University we challenge each child to reach the next level. We ensure no child will ever get bored with repeating things they already know but on the reverse side no child will feel like they are being forced to learn. With our director 16yrs of experience in early childhood development, childern will learn and they will be loved. It takes a different type of patience along with passion to be a caregiver and at our center you will find both.

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