There is a $100 registration fee per child or $175 for families.

Child Care Cost

Childcare prices can vary among days of care please call for pricing. We offer full day care and part time care.

Summer tuition is different from the school year tuition.

Extended care and Late fees

Peewee University offer 10 hours for each day of care given so every hour after 10 hours is considered extended care. Extended care can be arranged anytime before the day of care begins but no later then morning drop off. If extended care is not arranged prior to morning drop off then there will be a late fee charge of $1 for every minute late. Late fees are also enforced if extended care goes over our centers scheduled closing time of 6:00pm.

How To Pay Tuition

Tuition is to be paid via money order, cashier check or zelle. No cash or personal checks are accepted.

Student Parent, and Military Discount

Parents that are enrolled in school can recieve a discounted rate per child enrolled. The parent must provide proof of enrollment in school and enrollment must be verified before student parent discount is honored.

Military families receive a discount for extended care as they are charged per day and not per hour. Example instead of being charge an hour after ten hours these families would be charge for that day.

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