About Us

Peewee University Learning Center is a home based childcare.

The purpose of Peewee University Learning Center is to provide a fun learning environment that is safe for children. By providing quality service children will be able to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Making a difference in each child life and family’s lives is important to us, we want every family to feel like my childcare is their second home. Our childcare will impact the children in our care for the rest of their lives because we will teach them positive lessons in sharing, being respectful, playing well with others and being independent.

Programs value/ beliefs/goals

Our program value are making parents first investments into their child’s education a great investment at an affordable rate.

We believe that a childcare should not be just an expensive babysitter but instead be an environment for learning and preparing for the next level. Children should not walk into elementary school still learning the basic in child developement which includes identifying letters/ numbers, gripping a pencil correctly, etc. Even though children learn on different levels our program will strive in giving one on one attention when needed to ensure we meet every milestone in early childhood development.

Our main goal is to be incredibly supportive in a child’s learning adventure to make every child feel welcome while challenging them to reach their full potential by making learning fun.

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